I just finished writing a transition chapter from scratch (2,000 words) that needed to be written but was causing the rebellious kid in me to go: “do I hafta?” However, I pushed through (trying to remember the definition of discipline) and today, I’ve been able to move on to another chapter near the end that […]

Yes, still editing Dragon Shadows

I really am close to being finished! I promise! Cross my heart and all…. I’ve written many things before, but I’ve never published a book before so working on Dragon Shadows is really teaching me a lot in terms of the process. What I’m personally discovering is that, considering the way I write, which in layers, […]

Halfway through final edit of Dragon Shadows

As of today I’m now officially halfway through the book Dragon Shadows with my final sweep for catching typos and doing edits. I’ve been adding a few scenes here and there, expanding some and for those who read the book in Beta, I’ve made some changes I think you will love: The introduction of Constance explains […]