Dragon Shadows nears completion

self publishing
Scrivener app view of Dragon Shadows

I reached a milestone yesterday and with it, wanted to start my blog with announcing it.

My first book, Dragon Shadows, is now in a complete Beta reading mode! 88,000 words and 24 chapters later and I’m ready to do a final read through proof before sending it off to the first round of beta readers as well as my editor.

I’ve learned so much in writing a complete novel and hope to apply those lessons learned to the next book. Some of this you may consider duh! but let me share with you these personal lessons:

  • Books need more then 2-4 characters to strive. As I made may way through chapter after chapter, I realized I really needed an entire supporting cast to make the story come alive.
  • I need to be writing in a tense that is more active in my scenes and start chapters with less reflection from characters.
  • Even from writers who I disagree with, there are things I can takeaway and improve my own writing.
  • Just when I think I’m done editing, I realize that you can always do another edit and improve the story.
  • Don’t believe you caught all your typos. There’s always one more to find!


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