Writer’s Retreat


Sunday through Tuesday I took a self imposed Writer’s Retreat to Eureka Springs, Arkansas and stayed at Waterside Cottage – a place that is quickly becoming one of my favorites!

Not only did we have a kitchen and a grill to fix meals and a delightful place to crash (with this deer family entrancing us), but we had a long desk where my partner could hook up his computer and another small table with a good chair where I could work. With internet but no distractions such as phone (turned off), pets or kids, things clicked along.

The only real distraction was the 2 person hot tub – but we managed to squeeze some soaking time into the writing schedule. πŸ˜‰

Back to the book… Dragon Shadows is divided into four sections. I had finished the entire book, but there were things I felt that could be improved. Before I left on the trip, section 1 and 2 was improved on a re-write, tweaking here and there, tightened with edits but section 3 was being a bit of a problem child.

I was hitting a brick wall on how to improve it.

Lucky for me during the drive over we were able to solve my roadblocks and get me inspired! I saw some solutions and interesting things that I could show the reader. I spent Monday glued to a chair, pounding out five chapters and on Tuesday, I wrote the blockbuster that ended that section altogether.

Wow! I felt fierce and accomplished.

The day I was leaving I got a proof draft of my book cover from Deranged Doctor Design that blew me away!


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