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Wow! Thanks for all the new subscribers to the blog. I hope you are here for sexy book talk 😉

Fun fact of the day: the first thing I wrote for Dragon Shadows was the prologue (which turned into Chapter 1) and the epilogue. The next thing I wrote was the fight scene in Chapter 24. After that the book became pretty linear when being developed.

What you can expect from Book Two, Dragon Secrets:

  • More of Constance’s viewpoint and how she will cope with a Dragon Shadow, Malcolm and his Dragon Shadow;
  • the secrets of Malcolm’s childhood and his relationship with his parents will be revealed;
  • why it was important that the Duke take Nicole under his wing as quickly as possible;
  • the ambivalent powers of the Archive and how that lands everyone into a deep mire of trouble;
  • the arc of Celeste’s coming to full power.

In other news:

I have a little novelette I’m working on that will be technically a Young Adult Fiction genre story (no sex, sorry gang) but I’m wrestling with it. It deals with a college world in the United States that has admitted Fey to its student body. Its central character is Brigit Cullen, a black fey from Ireland.

The Brigit Cullen stories in the Fey College universe (first being: Don’t Date Sirens, the second being Black Dogs Bite) will be published separately at a lower price ($1.99?) but the first will be offered free via my website.

I am thinking of having it illustrated and have some artists in mind for that. I will be selecting an artist that is a POC (person of color) so if you know of a professional artist you’d like me to look over their work, do a shout out in comments. The commission will be for the covers which I’m envisioning in the style of a graphic novel.

Another story that is in development because I really, really want to write a Gothic Fantasy as a homage to all of those books I read when I was 10-13. Here’s some tidbits:

  • Gothic Victorian
  • Paranormal Ghost Hunter
  • Lady Molly of Scotland Yard
  • Jane Eyre
  • X-files
  • Mrs. Bradley Mysteries
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Physical medium
  • Ghost Dance
  • Stolen inheritance

Haha! So I can’t tell you more because it’s just going into development. I don’t even know where that story is really going except the intrepid, fearless female character will find her life’s calling when taking tea at a London luncheonette. I’m thinking it will be a serial format much like how many Victorian contemporary stories were published at the time.

We shall see.

Haven’t read Dragon Shadows? Check it out: on Amazon for US buyers and UK buyers can find it here.

Haven’t left me a review? Please consider one, even one line. Sadly, without your reviews my book will never be seen because I am an Indie with no money for advertising and no publishing house behind me.

If you don’t know what to say, even just leaving a review of “My favorite character was ….” or “I liked this book” 😀 would be helpful. Amazon just tabulates the fact that you left a review and the number of stars not what it said.

Please review – that’s the most inspiring tip I could have!

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