Beta Readers needed

Hi Dragon friends!

I just want to reassure you that I am definitely working on Dragon Secrets, the sequel to Shadows. I did push the deadline back because the book is proving to be more complex than I had expected and I don’t want to shortchange my characters by rushing the process.

In Dragon Shadows news, I am going to search out a proofreader and have the original manuscript worked through with a fine tooth comb. There will be no major changes to the plot but I want it all spiffed up before Secrets is published. If you have Shadows, when that update occurs, you’ll receive a notice from Amazon that there is an updated version you can download and update for free.

So some other news while you are waiting – I am putting together an e-book of 7 fairytales, re-imagined, but still using the imagery of the fairytale format. I’ve already finished 3 of them and I’m working on the 4th this week. I’m seeking some beta readers who might be interested in reading the final draft and providing feedback to me.

What would you, as a beta reader, be doing?

1.) Read the 7 short stories in 14 days (this is a short story a day for 7 days so provides plenty of time for even slow readers) and provide me initial feedback. Feedback would include the stories you liked best, liked least, what you were confused about or didn’t understand, and anything else you would like to share with me.

2.) You would receive a free e-book copy of the book when published via Amazon.

3.) Within two weeks of receiving the published e-book you would post an HONEST review of the work on Amazon. Reviews is what drives traffic on Amazon and as an Independent author your reviews are really my only ability to be noticed.

Being a beta reader is a responsibility so please think it over before responding. It does take time out of your day and requires you to send me a few emails regarding the stories. What might work best is for you to read a story, email me your thoughts, before beginning the second story – that way your thoughts are fresh.

The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other tales is not a romantic story collection and at this time does not have any explicit sex scenes. The reading audience for this collection will be people who enjoy fantasy and the deeper meanings behind fairytales.

If you are interested in being a beta reader for The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other tales, please just comment below or drop me an email via the website.

And don’t worry! Dragon Secrets is progressing!

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