Writer’s Retreat

Sunday through Tuesday I took a self imposed Writer's Retreat to Eureka Springs, Arkansas and stayed at Waterside Cottage - a place that is quickly becoming one of my favorites! Not only did we have a kitchen and a grill to fix meals and a delightful place to crash (with this deer family entrancing us), … Continue reading Writer’s Retreat

Yes, still editing Dragon Shadows

I really am close to being finished! I promise! Cross my heart and all.... I've written many things before, but I've never published a book before so working on Dragon Shadows is really teaching me a lot in terms of the process. What I'm personally discovering is that, considering the way I write, which in layers, … Continue reading Yes, still editing Dragon Shadows

Last changes on Dragon Shadows

I'm in the last fourth of the book with the final editing of Dragon Shadows. I had a break through tonight on some pretty big changes in staging the last few chapters. No, dear Beta Readers the last two chapters essentially remain the same - that was way too good to re-write! However, there are … Continue reading Last changes on Dragon Shadows

Halfway through final edit of Dragon Shadows

As of today I'm now officially halfway through the book Dragon Shadows with my final sweep for catching typos and doing edits. I've been adding a few scenes here and there, expanding some and for those who read the book in Beta, I've made some changes I think you will love: The introduction of Constance explains … Continue reading Halfway through final edit of Dragon Shadows

From Revised Draft to Final Book

Early in January, I received my proofread copy of the revised draft of my first book, Dragon Shadows. I've been going through those edited changes, fixing verb use and typos. I deliberately put the book aside in November and started plotting out it's sequel so I could distance myself from it. This has helped me … Continue reading From Revised Draft to Final Book

Another milestone! off to beta readers

Dragon Shadows is off to the Beta Readers! Also, to my editor. Yipeee! I'm far ahead of my deadlines so I want to keep it that way, as my goal is to publish the books very close, back to back so readers won't have to wait too long for a sequel. I've already started working … Continue reading Another milestone! off to beta readers

Dragon Shadows nears completion

I reached a milestone yesterday and with it, wanted to start my blog with announcing it. My first book, Dragon Shadows, is now in a complete Beta reading mode! 88,000 words and 24 chapters later and I'm ready to do a final read through proof before sending it off to the first round of beta … Continue reading Dragon Shadows nears completion