First review for Dragon Shadows

Reviews are pretty crucial to all writer's success but it is especially important on the Amazon platform. I personally don't plan on promoting Dragon Shadows through any sort of paid advertisement until Dragon Secrets comes out later this year. Which means your reviews are about the only thing that will convince someone to take a … Continue reading First review for Dragon Shadows

Dragon Shadows now available!

In case you missed the announcement via my Instagram or Newsletter, my ebook Dragon Shadows is now available! US buyers can buy it here. International buyers try this link. In about 60 days, I will be putting it up at Barnes and Noble too but right now I just want to get a feel on … Continue reading Dragon Shadows now available!

Book description for Dragon Shadows done

In a world where love has become nothing but a game, the passion of two lovers awakens dragons. Malcolm Truvain had led a charmed life - wealth, status and women. But after being cursed by his lover, all that he has is slipping from his hands. He’s shunned, thought to be a seducer, and perhaps … Continue reading Book description for Dragon Shadows done