From Revised Draft to Final Book

Early in January, I received my proofread copy of the revised draft of my first book, Dragon Shadows. I’ve been going through those edited changes, fixing verb use and typos. I deliberately put the book aside in November and started plotting out it’s sequel so I could distance myself from it. This has helped me […]

Another milestone! off to beta readers

Dragon Shadows is off to the Beta Readers! Also, to my editor. Yipeee! I’m far ahead of my deadlines so I want to keep it that way, as my goal is to publish the books very close, back to back so readers won’t have to wait too long for a sequel. I’ve already started working […]

Dragon Shadows nears completion

I reached a milestone yesterday and with it, wanted to start my blog with announcing it. My first book, Dragon Shadows, is now in a complete Beta reading mode! 88,000 words and 24 chapters later and I’m ready to do a final read through proof before sending it off to the first round of beta […]